Daud Abuhasan, Nafiso Abdi and their seven children could not be more excited and thankful to be our newest family in the Habitat Homeownership Program. We started construction on the house at 603 Glendale in late June with hopes of having them in their new house this winter! Daud and Nafiso have been working hard on their homeowner classes, working on the construction site and sharing their story with the community. When asked what is something they never thought they would do without the Habitat Homeownership Program their response, “helping to build our own home with our hands, that is just amazing.” “The best part of partnering with Habitat is learning many different things, meeting wonderful and caring people in the community, and seeing the house process come together.” We are so thankful for our volunteers who have been working on the house and providing meals. Their life before partnering with Habitat was one large family including two children with special needs that lived in a place that was overcrowded and had a high electric bill, especially in the winter months. For those of you interested in applying for the next Habitat Homeownership program Nafiso says, “apply, apply, apply, the process is broken down into steps you can understand and there is help in each step you take. Take the step forward and be part of Habitat Homeownership Program.” 

Malen and Jose Galvan and three of their children are enjoying the next chapter.  Malen states, “It has always been our dream to own our own home”.  Her children are very excited to move into this new home and had asked to drive by often during construction.  Malen feels owning their own home will give her children more security, knowing the home is their own and they will not have to move around. She also feels a Habitat home will benefit her whole family by knowing it is safe, warm and affordable for them. Malen, Jose and many family members have been involved throughout the construction of this home - from clearing the lot, framing walls, hanging siding and sheetrock, to all the finishing touches.  Jose has worked side-by-side with our construction manager, Lynn Becker, and is learning much about house construction.  This will benefit the family as there are areas of this home that will not be completed when they move in.  With this construction knowledge, the family will be able to plan for and finish projects as they are able.  The family moved into their house in January 2015.

We are excited to introduce to you our newest future homebuyers! Meet Dessa, Calvin, and their four children. “My life before Habitat for Humanity was stressful, all the problems with renting and all the let downs on our dream of having a home of our own.” Dessa and Calvin have been working through their homeowner classes such as HomeStretch and Financial Literacy alongside Daud and Nafiso. This has been a long process for the family as they were chosen over a year ago for the Habitat Homeownership Program. Although the wait has been the hardest part, Dessa is excited to decorate, hang pictures and having it be their place! “I hope to finally feel settled in life, and feel like my home is my home, plan a future.” We are excited to kick off the next build and hope you will join us at the ground breaking. This summer will be packed with construction days and we will need your help again. Between the volunteer labor, donated meals, and your financial support we can’t build this house without you. “I never thought I would help build my own house and actually own a house.” 

“When our daughter was born we knew we would need to change a lot of things in our lives; one of them being a place to live that would be accessible for her. We would say thank you very very much, you have no idea how much this house means to us already and it’s not even finished! You have provided a place for love and joy to continue on while we overcome everything we need to go through with Makayla.”

​As of March 15, 2016 the Alex and Jolene Clark are officially homeowners of a decent, affordable and accessible home for their family. This house marks a new chapter in their lives and a brighter future for their children, Traehvon and Makayla. "We finally get our own house and we get to help build it too, how awesome is that? Not many people get to say they build their first house." The Clark's are looking forward to growing and making memories in their new one-level home. 

Meet the Homeowners